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Kate Kissingford

For the last 28 years, Kate has gotten on stage as much as time and the Fates would allow. In 2003, Kate earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from Florida Atlantic University. Locals may have seen her last year in Jericho by Jack Canfora and in The Tempest. Kate has fond memories of playing these favorite roles: Prospero in The Tempest, Beth in Jericho, Julianna in The Other Place, Lady Macbeth, in Macbeth, Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing, Father Toulon in Red Noses, various roles in The Laramie Project and The Vagina Monologues, Laura in The Glass Menagerie and Sylvia in Sylvia. Kate is a resident of Ouray, Colorado, where her counseling practice and motherhood keep her otherwise happily occupied. Kate appreciates your support of her theater habit and hopes you make a habit of seeing UpstART productions!

John Kissingford

After studying and teaching literature and theater and criticism a lot over these past few decades, John Kissingford finally realized how much he loves playing with his friends onstage and being part of the conversation great plays inspire. He has acted with various regional and touring companies, and explored Original Practice approaches to Shakespeare with New England Shakespeare Festival as well as No Holds Bard, which he and Kate founded in 2005. Favorite roles include Jacques and Richard III (NESF), Don Quixote (Boston Flamenco Ballet), Hamlet and Petruchio (NHB), Siegfried Sassoon in Not About Heroes (Chasm View), Tom, Phyllis, and Leslie in Sylvia, and Ian in The Other Place (Ouray County Players). He was also Dull in a Festival Rep production of Love’s Labor’s Lost. The character. Was named. Dull. He finds it delightful to play here in Ouray County, whether in the high school English classroom, on the fencing strip, out in the mountains, or, of course, onstage with UpstART. 

About Us

 We believe that theater should be relevant, perspective altering, heart opening, and exciting. Don't you?