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A fictional exploration of of the Nickel Mines Amish schoolhouse shooting,

and the path of compassion forged in its wake. This play shines a light on the essential human paradox: that we are as good and loving as we are wounding and cruel. What does it take to cultivate our better natures?  Especially now, in this time when the "us v. them" fallacy has had so much sway, this play recalls for us that even in our darkest moments love is ever- present. 

November 5-8 at The Wright Opera House

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UpstART seeks to Awaken, Enliven & Entertain audiences in Ouray County and beyond, by presenting professional quality theater and education through a Rural/Urban collaboration of artists. 

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 Contemporary Productions

UpstART chooses scripts that move: Emotionally engaging, smart, fast-paced plays that awaken new perspectives in performers and audience alike. We are committed to sparking lively dialogue and heartfelt connection in our community through theatrical performance.

No Holds Bard Shakespeare

Each Summer, UpstART produces 1 or 2 Shakespeare plays in the month of July.  Performed in the round at the historic Wright Opera House, No Holds Bard offers Shakespeare like you've never seen it: the way he intended it! Intimate, fast paced, delightful, and highly physical. Check out www.noholdsbard.rocks for more info on the Shakespeare program. 

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